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General Class = General Education

Why does every college in America require students to fill their schedules with classes that will introduce information that students will never use again in their life?  Is this so that each student will get use to cramming enough useless … Continue reading

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All Rules But No Game

Every first year Bucknell students has experience the bubble phenomenon known as the “hook-up culture”.  This type of relationship seems to be spreading throughout campus and taking control of the a large percentage of the student population.  This type of relationship … Continue reading

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“It’s not a tumor!” – Detective John Kimble

Anabolic steroids or synthetically engineered testosterone have been referred to as a “fountain of youth”.  Their use can result in increased muscle size, strength, and speed, higher athletic performance, and positive body image making them very attractive, especially to athletes … Continue reading

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The Survey Says….

“For the time being, citizens, uninspired by the political leaders, may be voting less, but they are fulfilling many needs in direct ways.” – Though there has been a decrease in the percent of the population that is voting, is … Continue reading

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Instant Health!

What is there was something that you could take that would cut body fat, increase strength, and give you the body you wanted; but there is one catch, you only have invest half the time as you would without it.  … Continue reading

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What about Lunch and Dinner?

The 1961 movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s seems to be the beginning of the many “generic love comedies” that plague the theaters today.  With an 88% approval rating from the movie had been considered a screen master piece for decades, … Continue reading

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Discounted Habits

The national hail storm that Wal-mart ensures every time they select a location to build the next super center seems at time legendary.  The American people, which at times can’t agree on anything, can band together to in one direction to stand … Continue reading

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