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Facebook: a double agent

maceyk wrote an interesting blog in may 2010 entitled, “Actual Revolutions….Via Facebook”. The blog talked about how Facebook has become a forum for protesters (particularly in Egypt) to meet and discuss protests and other issues in a safe environment. In … Continue reading

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Sharing the Wealth

After watching the “Social Network,” and finding it safe to assume that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is a total jerk, I came across this article about a recent program of his and contemplated reconsidering. Last year, Zuckerberg announced his $100 … Continue reading

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An Epic Battle is About to Begin (Facebook v. Google)

Google+ has officially opened up to the public. It has been open only to users by invitation until now. Launched in late June of this year, the Google social network now has over 25 million unique visitors each month and … Continue reading

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The Facebook Effect… Really?

In the Bucknell Org Theory 09′ blog, Geoff wrote about Facebook in his post The Facebook Effect and I couldn’t disagree more with so much about this post. The crux of his argument is that Facebook and Twitter are “fulfilling fantasies … Continue reading

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