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How does Kiva check what their entrepreneurs spend their money on?

How do you think Kiva checks on its entrepreneurs in order to ensure they do not spend money on illegitimate and unethical businesses, such as cock-fighting and other bloodsport, which Kiva has been accused of in the past? How would … Continue reading

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Protestors Occupy Wall Street

With all this talk about the “Great Recession” in our class and after having just read “Globalization from Below” I thought of an article that I saw on CNBC.com today that talk about a group called Occupy Wall Street. About … Continue reading

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Are we selling our security?

When I read this article I couldn’t help but think to myself whether or not this would qualify as an example of positive globalization or negative. The first part says that we are selling Iraq these planes to “build a modern … Continue reading

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Globalization good or bad for developing countries?

 Quite a few people suggested in discussion that the meaning of globalization varies depending on perspective. With this in mind, I want to further discuss globalization from the perspective of a periphery nation (developing/third world country). There are obviously pros … Continue reading

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Bring the Profits “Home”

“Home” is in quotes because in today’s globalized business environment, what exactly is a company’s “home”?  Multinationals may be headquartered in one country, manufacture in a second, and sell in a third.   How can a government assess whether a firm’s … Continue reading

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An Epic Battle is About to Begin (Facebook v. Google)

Google+ has officially opened up to the public. It has been open only to users by invitation until now. Launched in late June of this year, the Google social network now has over 25 million unique visitors each month and … Continue reading

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Politicians discussing tax reform, economists commenting on the greek debt crisis, and pressures on Nike to pay higher wages all have one thing in common: Austerity. With the need for budget cuts and federal budget reform to prove Aaa credit … Continue reading

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