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Process for paper #2


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Who’s To Blame for Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis?

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Questions for November 3rd Class

1.  Do you think that it was hard for lenders of capital to sponsor an impoverished entrepreneur not knowing if they would receive their initial investment back? 2.  What were the radical impulses that Rorty referred to that came together … Continue reading

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Debit Card Fees, Oh No!

So, about debit cards. BoA says it has a “right” to earn a profit. Not sure they understand the nature of rights, but anyway, any bank earns a pretty penny from the depositor depositing their cash in said bank.  So … Continue reading

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Blogable Ideas for week of Sept 12-19

Here are some ideas if you are hunting for one. 1) Write and react to the issues raised by the Campus Climate Task Force.  If you do this, I want you to actually look at the report in addition to … Continue reading

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