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Google Searches as Measure of Interest

Here is an interesting way to capture ‘the public’s” interest. Here is a graph comparing searches on Occupy Wall Street compared to Tea Party. Lots more data if you click on the picture. Related articles Occupy Wall Street vs. Tea … Continue reading

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The Patent Minefield

This is ridiculous:

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Telling it Like it Is

Google is not as great as some people think. Sure, their third quarter results were incredible, but thats not all that counts at a big software company like Google; code base and code infrastructure are huge. You need to have good code and … Continue reading

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“The Workplace”- Applying Google

While looking through the old blog posts I came across one entitled “The Workplace”. In this blog entry the author discusses how employees are products of their workspace. The author mentions statistics in which individuals included in a survey confirmed … Continue reading

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An Epic Battle is About to Begin (Facebook v. Google)

Google+ has officially opened up to the public. It has been open only to users by invitation until now. Launched in late June of this year, the Google social network now has over 25 million unique visitors each month and … Continue reading

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