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Hey! Wait! Is that your hand in my pocket friend!?

          In doing my research on how state laws aid or impede labor unions, I came across right to work laws.  These laws are rulings, allowed under provisions of the Taft-Hartley Act, which forbid bargains between companies and labor unions that … Continue reading

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For my final paper, I am thinking about writing it on the wage discrepancies between the higher and lower classes.  After reading about the Wal-Mart cases and their wages they pay their employees and playing around with the State of … Continue reading

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How big’s your network?

Looking through an older BU blog I came across an interesting post Revisiting Informal Group Power.  This post describes the connection between power and informal groups. Power in a formal group is structured; it is authority in a corporation, authority … Continue reading

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Professional Sports and Our Economy

In the blog, “How the economy is Affecting Sports: Corporate Sponsors” by Ross Liberati, it talks about how major sport industries such as NASCAR and the NFL are doing poorly due to the decrease of sponsor involvement from other corporations … Continue reading

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