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How does Kiva check what their entrepreneurs spend their money on?

How do you think Kiva checks on its entrepreneurs in order to ensure they do not spend money on illegitimate and unethical businesses, such as cock-fighting and other bloodsport, which Kiva has been accused of in the past? How would … Continue reading

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Brain Teasers

I figured I would pop these two up here before anyone else gets them! 1.  In the Kiva Case Study, how does Number 8 from Exhibit 5 relate to Odeke’s blog, “Is there a point helping Africa?” 2.  How would … Continue reading

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Karl Marx

Politics… sure everyone has their own opinions, but Heartless Capitalist’s comments on the cohesion of politicians and wealthy elites in the blog Updating Political Power mirror a discussion of Karl Marx and the role of government in a capitalist society. Heartless comments on … Continue reading

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Panel on Debt, Politics, and Economic Policy next Monday

Hi all- This panel of professors will address the debt ceiling debate and the larger issues around it.  This is related to the financial sector as we studied it.  Please go!  Feel free to blog your thoughts about the panel … Continue reading

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