Simply Give

When one thinks how they might change the world it is a daughnting thought. As I’ve been sitting how I would I have one simple solution, give back. Giving back is something so simple, yet so broad and complex. One can give back through donating money to charities or NGOs. Other’s can give back by providing jobs for less fortunate individuals. Others can also simply volunteer as a way to give back. I want to focus on how one can change the world simply by volunteering.

As a part of my job this year I had to volunteer at the Covenant House in New York City. I thought great I can hang out with all the other interns and not have to work that day. Well I was pretty selfish in thinking that because volunteering there showed me that I and most people I know have it real good. We take simple things for granted. These teenagers who I encountered at Covenant House were often runaways, abonded, some women were prostituting others were pregnant and Covenant House took them in. They allow for these teens to maintain a home, get a job, an education while still understanding the responsibility of paying for rent and taking care of your things.

Serving, making food and doing random upkeep work around the vicinity made me appreciate things and respect these individuals who have turned their life around. I met a girl who had been left by her mother three years ago and now she is applying to medical school. I really was just amazed by the people I encountered that day and the way Covenant House provides a new life for those involved. Since then I still give back to Covenant House by donating food, clothes etc and I plan to stay connected with this organization for as long as I can.

So although my story is not something earth shattering and I believe there are people out there who are more devoted to service and giving back then I ever could be, I do believe that if people even just take a day to volunteer at a soup kitchen or donate to Kiva to help raise awareness of micro-finance it’s doing the world a favor.

Covenant House

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3 Responses to Simply Give

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  2. Jordi says:

    One hour a week volunteering from like 50% of the adults would be tremendous.

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