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Winners of the Solutions/60 Second Idea to Change the World

Congratulations! “All [we] need is love” won by virtue of having the most nominations.  Well Done, Eli. She will receive a $25 credit to, the microlending site we read about.  Hopefully, when she selects who to give it to, … Continue reading

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Social Media Revolution!!!!! Sooper kewl

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Enough is enough.

Enough is Enough! Not being greedy is my simple solution that could have such a profound impact on the generations of our world today.  When you actually sit back and think about it, how many major problems have occurred as a … Continue reading

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Simply Give

When one thinks how they might change the world it is a daughnting thought. As I’ve been sitting how I would I have one simple solution, give back. Giving back is something so simple, yet so broad and complex. One … Continue reading

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Get Off Your High Horse and Help Someone

One idea to improve the world….try to help one person a day. I know we have all heard this but if we actually did this then we could actually see huge improvements in our world.

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Just a Dollar…

One major issue that is very important and a major problem in our world is the lack of funding in education. Education is very important in this world, as it plays a major role in the development of children who … Continue reading

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Ethics of Consumption

Not only was this the title of my foundation seminar, it is also my plan to save the world. How much waste (in pounds) do you think YOU waste every year?

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